A downloadable game for Linux

You can check the code at https://gitlab.com/Nibodhika/pvrt


To play start slicing the board, the first click must always be on the outside of the board (already conquered areas count as outside).

From then move the mouse and bring the mouse to another point outside of the board to finish the line.

Whenever you complete a line each area that does not contain a ball gets taken away from the board, if you conquer over 75% of the board you pass to the next level, in which there's an aditional ball.

At any point you can release the mouse to cancel the line, but you'll get no points for it.

You have 5 lives, if a ball collides with the line you're drawing you lose a life.

If you draw over your own line you lose a life.

Each time you pass to the next level you win a life.

How far can you go?

Published Mar 20, 2017

Install instructions

Extract the tar.gz preserving the file permisions. There's a script called pvrt that will call the binary (pvrt_bin) using LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs if you have SFML installed you can run the binary directly.


pvrt.tar.gz 3 MB

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