A downloadable game for Linux

A short game inspired by mega-man made with Godot engine for the Linux Game Jam 2018.

Art by RaissaCarlan: 



giga-rabbit.tar.gz 28 MB


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Worked after I downloaded libpng16-16 on Linux mint

Is this supposed to be gamepad only? The prompts seem to indicate so. And fire is Enter on the keyboard, which is weird to reach for.

Yeah, it's meant for controllers, but if you must the controls on the keyboard are the arrows, space to jump, enter to fire and q and e to dash.

Ended up just switching to controller, and the controls there feel pretty good :) (Wonky jetpacks aside ;P). Now I wanna go play some Megaman X XD

It looks like you might be missing some files in the download? I'm getting `Error: Could not load game path '.'.` when trying to run it on Linux.

I'm getting the same error. 


Ops, indeed I forgot the pck file. Thanks for letting me know, I've uploaded a new file which is a tar that has both files now.